Manideep Techno Coats Metal Finishers specializes in the plating of a wide variety of small and large parts for Aerospace, Defense, Electrical, Electronics and Microwave Products.

Our Story

MANIDEEP TECHNO COATS is a business to business Electroplating Industry. We are focused on plating of small to medium sized parts for technical and performance-oriented applications. The industries we serve include, but are not limited to: Aerospace, Defence, Electrical, Electronics, Medical and Microwave Products.

Our strength is the plating of small, medium-sized parts, and delicate items. We employ a variety of traditional barrel and rack plating methods, and also several proprietary methods which we have developed in response to unique customer needs. We pride ourselves on being process innovators. Many customers have been served whose application did not seem at first to lend itself to consistent electroplating. We’ve solved a lot of problems where others have not succeeded.

Leading Electroplating company in India

Currently, Manideep Techno Coats consist of 2 plants with 23 different metal surface coatings to offer.
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Environmental,Health & Safety Policy

It is Manideep Techno Coats policy to operate in a safe, responsible manner that respects the environment and the health of our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate. We will not compromise environmental, health or safety values for profit or production.
All Manideep Techno Coats employees are expected to understand, promote and assist in the implementation of this policy and the accompanying principles.


  • The protection of people and the environment is our highest priority. No operation or task will be performed in a knowingly unsafe or environmentally harmful manner.
  • We will meet or exceed all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations and standards.
  • We will educate and train employees for enhanced environmental, health and safety performance.
  • We will work to continually improve our environmental, health and safety performance by incorporating these considerations into business decisions, planning, process development and process operations.
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